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Rolfes Pigments distributes a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments and manufactures in-plant & point of sale dispersions.

Anticorrosive Pigments
Chrome Oxide Pigments
Iron Oxide Pigments
Titanium Dioxide
Lead Chrome Pigments
Organic Pigments
Transparent Iron Oxide
Aluminium Paste
Fluorescent Pigments
Rolfesperse Range
Rolfesolve Range
Industrial Range
Universal Range
PD Range
Amazon Colourants

This range of high quality pigment dispersions is designed to cater for the Point-Of-Sale market. Amazon is a volumetric colorant system, of which the manufacturing is controlled to the utmost specification levels.


We also create customised databases using these colourants, in accordance with the NCS colour system.

Technical Support

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To become the supplier – and inspirer - of choice for colour pigments in the coatings, inks, plastics and construction industries through leadership and innovation.

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