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Thank You For Joining Us

This a big thank you to our valued customers and partners that joined us at the recent Coating for Africa exhibition.

Sapma Module 4 (Pigments and Dispersion) Award

Rolfes Pigments Technical Manager, Karen Meyer awarding Rudene Irwin from Beckers Industrial Coatings aSapma Module 4 (Pigments and Dispersion). 

Rolfes partners with Trust Chem

For years, Rolfes has actively sought to add quality products to its pigments range as a means of creating a fuller, more diverse offering for its customers. Recognised as the largest independent producer of organic pigments in Asia, Trust Chem is not only committed to innovation and service, but also sustainability. This collaboration is set…

Rolfes – the future looks bright

RCPI is nothing if not resilient. In August 2017 it welcomed back a familiar face, Wouter Badenhorst, who rejoins the team as Managing Director of RCPI, and is exploring all manner of exciting new directions for the business. No stranger to the company or its customers, Badenhorst was appointed CEO in 2002 and went on…

Rolfes Partners with NCS

Rolfes Colour Pigments International has entered into an exclusive partnership with NCS Colour Centre that merges technology on multiple levels into something professionals, DIY’ers and contractors can really get excited about.

Colour Trends 2019

The NCS Colour Trends 2019+ includes four different stories that gives the background of the key drivers and shows the palette of six trend colours for each story to come. It gives an excellent overview of the colours to allow you to simply identify important colour sets and their trend.

We’re bringing your Greens back

Rolfes Pigments has been listening and due to popular demand we have brought back old legends. Our Chrome Oxide range has been expanded to include the famous Chrome Green D1110-75. This green with a deep blue shade has always been a very popular colour for roof tiles and tennis court applications. Chrome Green D3330 which has a yellow shade is still available. These products are available…

Titanium in the House

The family is growing and we are proud to introduce white or should we say Titanium Dioxide. Founded in 1989, CNNC HUAYUAN Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd is a leading Titanium Dioxide powder producer in China which first introduced foreign advanced technology and key equipment. It is mainly engaged in the production, marketing and service of Titanium Dioxide…

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