Change the way you find, collect, and share colour inspiration.

Colourpin Technology, powered by NCS, enables users to collect and identify colour while on the go, and makes it possible to capture colour from various items such as furniture, flooring, wall coverings, home decor and more. With the Rolfes extended database, you can now match almost 4000 unique colours, from an endless range of surfaces including powder coating and plastics.

For every colour you pin, you are able to access corresponding colour information in the form of the closest NCS notation, translated into CMYK, RGB, L*a*b* and lightness values.

Because it’s designed to support social sharing and collaboration, you can now scan colour, find products that match, compare colours and create your own palettes – then share via email or social media networks with friends, family, colleagues, or customers.

Draw inspiration from the world around you

“You never know when an environment or a colour will strike you with inspiration,” explains NCS’s Lisa Taylor, who is thrilled at the additional flexibility the colab creates. “The Colourpin system is changing the way people find and collect colour inspiration. You can easily collect colour from surfaces, textiles, and anything else that might inspire you, and have it instantly readable on your phone. With the added database, our users will find so many more colour matching endless surfaces like powder coating and plastics – whatever they can think of.”

It’s also designed to support social sharing and collaboration. “Users can scan colour, find products that match, compare colour and create their own palettes to share via email or social media networks. It’s becoming a convenient and fun way to gather input from friends, family, colleagues, or customers, “says Taylor.

Intuitive colour recognition – based on the human element

“One of the things that really attracted us specifically to the NCS system is that it helps communicate colour in a way that everyone understands, “says Gani.

Each colour has a unique NCS notation to describe how the colour relates to the four basic colours – yellow, red, blue, and green, as well as to black and white – in blackness, whiteness and chromaticness.

The NCS code describes the percentage of the colour that consists of these different parts. “This makes it possible to describe the colour of all surface materials and ensure that the colour turn out exactly as you want them to,” explains Gani.

For every colour pinned, colour information is provided in the form of the closest NCS notation, translated into CMYK, RGB, L*a*b* and lightness values.

Accessibility is great for small business

“Traditionally a device with this kind of functionality and accuracy would cost thousands of Rands and would be out of reach for many small enterprises, “explains Gani. “The ColourPin II app can downloaded for free onto your smartphone. This means that even micro enterprises now have access to the technology and can use it as a value add for their business, which we’re really excited about. “

With Rolfes, gathering, organising and sharing colour inspiration has never been easier, more efficient, or more accurate.

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